Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jumping in With Both Feet

      Hi out there! I have been writing since  I can remember. I have a bachelor's degree in Film, and even with that, all I wanted to do was write the scripts. At least once I found out I couldn't act. I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Ancient History, but teaching doesn't call my name either. Sometime recently, I have realized that writing is the only thing I can see myself doing. In fact, I can't seem to not do it. There are stories and characters in my head that just won't go away. It was when I could no longer make them be silent that I started to test the waters. I wrote a novel, incorporating my adoration of history and it's characters into a contemporary plot. I wrote a query letter and a synopsis after reading what seemed like millions of websites offering helpful advice on how to do so. No positive responses as of yet. Form rejection city. Three revisions of query letter later, I am thinking about sending out another round. I may ask for some help from you first.

     In the meantime I have written another historically focused novel and a memoir. I have gotten some feedback on the first novel and am revising. Which is not too fun, by the way. I am excited about an idea that has been brewing, this time around my area of specialization, Ancient Rome. I spend pretty much all my free time browsing other blogs by agents, editors, assistants (those are the best!), and other authors like myself or on Twitter trying to keep up with the same people. It's exhausting. Sometimes I feel like I could spend all my time reading about how to write instead of writing. I am working on a balance.

     I decided to start a blog mostly because I am a writer and being able to jot down any little thought that comes into my head appeals to me. I have been doing movie/book/television reviews on my husbands social media blog for some time, which has been enjoyable. Also, I wanted to connect with others like me, maybe just starting to get the hang of the process, just starting to get a whiff of how immense the online writing community is and how priceless their advice can be. I'll try and pass along any tidbits that I pick up along the way and hope you will do the same. One day I hope to have advice to offer myself, once I actually convince someone actually in publishing that my work is worth reading. Till next time.

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  1. Look on the positive side: your MA will give you loads and loads of information which will hopefully inspire you on further novel ideas! I wish I could just keep studying, I'm just in the process of finishing my MA (in Publishing) and entering the real world of work, when all I want to do is write!

    You have a point on all the writing advice blogs out there - there's ALOT. You might want to follow @WritersGroup on twitter as they tend to have good advice for authors (as does @inkyelbows).

    Best of luck with your novels! And in the worst case, if one of your novels doesn't get accepted, you could always serialize it and post it online (for free) to begin building a fanbase so that when you do get published one day, there will already be people around who want to read your book!

    I'd be curious to hear more about your experiences with agents and stuff as I'm thinking of beginning to query sometime early next year.

    Sorry for the long rambly comment - this is @quillsandzebras from twitter, by the way!