Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good News is the Best

Hello, followers of my little blog! I have great, exciting, and humbling news.

I signed with an agent yesterday, a lovely woman named Elizabeth Jote at Objective Entertainment!

There are an entire mix of emotions rolling around inside me right now, though I have to admit the primary one is excitement. This is the next step in my ultimate goal - being published - and I just want to bask in the moment. Liz and I had a great conversation about my manuscript, what changes and revisions she would suggest, and we talked about subsequent books and what my career might look like going forward. It's so true, what people say about finding an agent who is as excited and passionate about your novel as you are...there's not a better feeling in the world.

I've worked my tail off to get to this point. I have at least two screenplays and four novels tossed in a trunk. The one that caught Liz's attention has been through multiple rewrites and revisions. I have another completed first draft. The work doesn't stop, or even slow down now. In the days and weeks to come I know there will be revisions, stress, submissions, more stress and so on. You know what, though, I'm ready for it all. Bring it on.